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Friday, July 17, 2009

Adventures in Chicago: Slurpee Summer

I don't remember when I last had a slurpee from 7-Eleven... childhood, maybe teenager-hood. I never really visit 7-Eleven, so slurpees were a distant memory. Plus, the extreme sugar content and weirdo colors (hello chemicals!) kind have put me off as I've acquired healthier eating habits as I get older (with the exception of my candy addiction, but that's different... right??). Since I've been here, though, all I've wanted after classes and rehearsals are slurpees! Cold, sugary and deeeeee-lish after a serious 6-hour sweat session. And wouldn't you know it? There is a 7-Eleven right by the studio - perfect! I shall indulge in yet another pina colada slurpee tonight, mmmm....

In other news...

Thanks to everyone for all your words of encouragement about my homesickness!! It was nice to check my blog and find little bursts of bloggy sunshine to help cheer me up. Hugs all around. And I'm happy to inform you that I'm feeling better. It was nothing special I did, really, just waiting it out. I'm still jonesin' for home and counting the days 'til when I get to go back, but it doesn't reduce me to tears anymore. Thank god, that sucked.

And even though I still have another day of class and rehearsal for the week, I always love the feeling that Friday brings. Happy Friday bloggy buddies!!!


  1. now i totally want a slurpee...


  2. Slurpees cure the blues. Especially the blue ones!