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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adventures in Chicago: Things I Miss at Home

After wearing my last clean pair of underwear yesterday and going commando at dance the last couple nights (you'd never know under my tights and leotard *wink wink*), I decided this morning when finally dragging my sore booty out of bed that I absolutely could not avoid laundry any longer.

D has a laundry room on site in his building, which is convenient so I don't have to lug my duds around town. That would kind of be a pain because I line dry a lot of my clothes, and lugging around a heavy, wet bag of clothes doesn't sound too fun.

I've been a little wary of the laundry facilities, though, which is why it took my so long to finally do laundry... When D told me that there's a laundry room here, he disclaimed that it creeps him out big time. If the laundry room gives my burly, manly friend with an entomology degree (the study of bugs and spiders, gross!) the creeps, what am I going to think of it??

Um, horror movie was the first thing that came to mind when I stepped foot in the laundry dungeon. It's in the basement and you enter through a creaky screen door from the courtyard in the back of the apartment building. It's dark, dirty, dusty - not exactly what comes to mind when clean clothes are the desired outcome - and the perfect place for some crazed idiot with a hockey mask and a chainsaw to wait for his victims. I don't want to even think about what kind of creepy crawlies live down there.

I moved as fast as I could, making sure not to touch anything more than the buttons on the washing machine. I wouldn't even set my laundry bag on the floor. When I returned to save my undies, socks and tees from the dungeon, I was thrilled to discover that the machine didn't even rinse and drain correctly. Awesome. I wrung out the sudsy clothes that were to be dried in a dryer, and bolted outta there, only to come upstairs and re-rinse my sudsy undies in the tub. Good times.

Oh how I miss the clean, brightly-lit, sunshine-streaming-in-through-the-windows laundry room at my apartment building at home! If I find a laundromat somewhere in the neighborhood nearby, I think I might just suck it up and lug my wet clothes around...

*Uuuggggghhhh*, I still have the heebie jeebies!


  1. omg! ugh!! it didnt rinse and drain right?!?! ugh!! ahhaha the "dungeon" you are so funny!


  2. eeeeew...I so had a creepy laundry room like that in one studio I rented in Hollywood when I was 18 ...I was so scared I had to spend a day at my mom's every two weeks doing laundry. Maybe you'll get lucky and befriend someone who has a better laundry room and bring it there! goo luck ;)

  3. Look at the exciting adventure you are having. !! Suck you have to go thru all that but - sounds like the kind of trip you will remember for the rest of your life. Try to imagine your like Indian Jones or something seeking the lost treasure of Undies socks and tees. So Brave!


  4. Oh girl I feel you...that is the worst! But...totaly worth it as you know! I hope you find a NICE laundromat nearby...bring a book, get some coffee :)

    Loving the updates on your adventures! XOXO