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Friday, April 9, 2010

The wrong side of the bed

Even though it's Friday and I should be doing a li'l happy-dance and planning all kinds of Friday night shenanigans, I'm in the worst mood of all time today, so no dice. Nothing in particular happened, I just slept horribly last night and had bad dreams, and woke up on the complete wrong side of the bed. It was one of those craptastic days where you want to sleep through it until tomorrow the moment you wake up.

This is how I'd like my Friday night to look: pick up dinner, along with a dance movie or two, get into my sweats in 1.3 seconds upon entering my house and park it on the couch until bedtime, at which time I will simply move myself to bed, pass out and hopefully wake up in a normal, happy mood tomorrow. I'm looking forward to my weekend, so the sooner I can get to Saturday, the better.

So that's what I'm going to do. I will be searching for these dance flicks at my local video store...

Some things to inspire mama, 'cause mama needs a pick-me-up.

Hope you all have a fab Friday night, and Happy Weekend!!



  1. I love the turning point! Also, that is so so cool that Diavolo came to your school. I would be so terrified if I got picked. If you ever want to see crazy things look up Elizabeth Streb (Streb Dance Company). The director of the company I'm in used to dance with them and they would just free fall from anywhere... most ladders and high random objects. Bruises and crutches galore!

  2. oh no!! I am so sorry!!! feel better...some days are just kinda funky!!