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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Student Dance Concert, check!

The concert went great!! After a hot mess of a dress rehearsal Thursday night, both Friday and Saturday's shows were stellar. There is an adage in the dance world that says a horrible dress rehearsal means a great show, and I'm so glad it held true. Feedback from many people was that it was one of the best concerts they've seen at CSU! Yay!!

As promised, here are some pictures from the weekend. First, some outfit pics. S and I introduced the show each night, so we got all dolled up for our speech...

Friday night... no injury was going to keep me from rockin' the boots and LBD!

Saturday night... sunshiney happiness for S and another LBD for me

I heart my LBD from H&M

Not sure if you can see in the second or third pic, but yes, we are wearing tiaras...

One of the dancers gave S and I Easter baskets filled with candy and all kinds of other fun stuff, including our "SDC Director" tiaras... so fun!! I wore it alllllll night :)

The giver of the tiaras

Can't forget the quintessential locker room picture...

Me with the lovely J

Of course, if I wasn't a gimp I would have pics of me in fun dance outfits and me actually dancing. Next time...

Update on the hammy... it still bothers me, but the initial scary pain is gone and I'm finally walking normally. It's a slow process, though, and you'd be surprised how many basic, everyday movements require a healthy hammy... um, picking something up off the floor? Getting into the car? Putting on pants?? Sheesh! At this point it bothers me most when I'm sitting at work or in the car. That seems strange, but the injury is near my sit bone (in the butt region), so it's not surprising. I've started alternating heat with ice, and still on ibuprofen for inflammation. My PT gave me a couple new exercises, that are supposed to strengthen the area. But this doesn't mean they are weight bearing or anything... they are very simple exercises that suddenly aren't so easy. I'm still not dancing this week and I don't know yet when I can start transitioning back to it. I have an appointment with the PT next Tuesday, so she'll reassess where I'm at then.

I'm getting really antsy with not being able to do anything. It's funny how quickly your attitude changes once you can't do something... before the injury, I would sometimes whine about how tired or sore I was, secretly wishing for a class or rehearsal to be canceled so I could park it on the couch. Now I'm hyper aware of everyone who can do anything physical... watching my peers in rehearsal, people running or biking as I drive around town, my BF going to the gym... it sucks. So yeah, lesson learned to be grateful each day for the ability to dance in class or rehearsal. You never know when it will be taken away, even in a temporary situation like this.



  1. Being injured is so emotionally draining. I'm glad to hear that the show went well! Dress rehearsals tend to be on the scary side. No press aloud haha!

  2. So glad your show went well!! You look fabulous in your dress, I love it!

  3. if i knew how to whistle, i would be whistling like a dirty old man pervert 'cause lady you look HOT!!! hammy shpammy! haha!

  4. I love all your LBDs! The shoulders in the first one look fierce!'s so true about not being able to do what you want to do when all you wanted before was a break from it. oh life. hope you feel better soon.

  5. You look gorgeous lady! And you'll be back to dancing in no time. You're puttin' out positive vibes and that has to help!

  6. you look BEAUTIFUL!!! don't you worry!! time will go by quickly and you'll be back up in no time!!! Smile pretty lady!!