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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Throwback Tuesday: Swing out!

"Throwback Thursday" has a much nicer ring to it, but seeing as I'll be feeding my Hungry Dancer beast with turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberries galore this coming Thursday, I had to move it up a couple of days. Please forgive the the alliteration fail.

Long before my days of the 'tard and tights, I was a retro gal! My dancing days started with Lindy Hop and Charleston, getting down to the tunes of Louis Prima, Lionel Hampton and Count Basie. That music still is and probably will forever be my all-time favorite.

A friend posted these pics on FB yesterday and a wave of nostalgia crashed over me. Such amazing memories! This group was my dance troupe, The Jumpin' JiveCats, based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We taught swing dance lessons and workshops and we were hired for all kinds of gigs. We danced our little hearts out, sharing the love of the Lindy Hop with anyone and everyone.

Occasionally we branched out... This was our Moulin Rouge New Year's Eve event. Still one of my faves!
And in action...

Nowadays, many of us are scattered all over the country, living all kinds of lives. Some of us are still dancing, some of us not as much anymore... but I know each one of us still holds a special place in our hearts for Lindy, our first love!

Dedicated to all the 'Cats, past and present - I love you guys!



  1. Love it :)
    Miss dancin with ya girl!

  2. For real...THE best swing out of all time is you at 1:34 in the video...just love it....

  3. How fun!! Seriously... do you remember how we met? When you sent in that jumping photo? That totally reminds me of it. So fun!

  4. Chris, fo' shiz, I miss you too! And thanks :)

    Tiffany, omg that's right! Completely forgot - feels like we've known each other forever :)

  5. Nice to see the dance video. It appears to be a good-sized troupe.