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Friday, November 16, 2012

Yes, even Batman needs MS Office

What a week, y'all! I was blessed with two job interviews (woot!!), both of which I felt went rather well. Such a good feeling after three months of searching, fretting and doubting.

The stress that accompanied the wonderful interviews kicked my butt! Just like before I go onstage, I am one Nervous Nellie before a performance. It took me a full 24 hours, complete with napping, comfort food and bubble bath therapy, to fully decompress and return all systems to normal.

I do have some positive news on the job front, but you're going to have to wait for the full reveal. I want all the details on lock down first before I dish.


No surprise, of course, I'm already daydreaming about a little wardrobe revamp shopping spree, as this spending freeze will soon be thawed. Nothing crazy - we still have a budget and debt to knock out, after all. But that's whyRoss and T.J. Maxx were invented, am I right?!

I might drag Hubs out window shopping this weekend to plan my spree strategy. He's a good sport, though, I'm sure he'll play along... I have my ways :)

What's on your weekend agenda? Cooking? Shopping? Napping? I support all three!

Happy weekend!



  1. so stoked for what's ahead for you, Jessi!!

  2. Thank you friend!! Love and miss you, JoAnne!

  3. Haha! My nephew just made me spend the weekend watching Batman cartoons, so I absolutely adore this!

    I'm in Grad School, so I actually have a midterm this week, and a ton of work to do on two projects. Le sigh. :(

    Nevertheless, I'll be Black Friday Shopping (online, of course) and Cyber Monday browsing. :)