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Friday, November 9, 2012

PSA: Dating a Dancer

What a week, huh?? The week has been full and my weekend is not much of an exception with my first official dance event in the 'Burgh happening tomorrow. I get to don a leotard once again! This is bittersweet enthusiasm, ladies and gents. Wearing a 'tard for the first time after a sabbatical is always a little traumatizing (well, hello there double butt!).

In honor of dancers and all our quirky charms, I give to you a little glimpse of life with a dancer. While it's specifically referring to dating a dancer, it applies to being friends with a dancer, too, as my former roommate confirmed. My lovely blogging friend Dancing Branflakes posted this on her Facebook wall this morning and it's just too great not to share!

No, I don't want to talk about Black Swan. Ever.

My husband confirmed the entire list, btw.

For all you singles out there secretly hoping to date a dancer, consider this your PSA. You're welcome. But don't be afraid, we're perfectly lovable. After all, Hubs did put a ring on it :)

Happy Friday & Weekend!



  1. Haha! All time favorite is the whispering to yourself as you do choreography. So true! I'm glad we could laugh over this this morning!!