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Monday, March 4, 2013

Rays of sunshine

The sun came out today.

It was still cold. I still needed to bundle up to brace myself against the wind's bite. It is amazing, though, the difference that bright, golden ball of light makes in my outlook.

Winter is gray out here, y'all. I'm sure you native easterners are rolling your eyes at me right now, but I didn't know just how *gray*, gray meant when everyone told me how gloomy it gets out here through winter. Last week a coworker enlightened me that the 'Burgh is the second gray-est city in the nation in winter. Well, that's an interesting factoid for this native Rocky Mountain gal.

Today was definitely a Monday. Sore throat, feeling icky, but pushing through at the office. Aunt Flo paid a surprise visit. Arrived at a doc appointment only to not have said doc appointment because I didn't have the necessary paperwork. I just wanted to head home and crawl back into bed.

Then, on the bus ride home, I was admiring how much brighter the world looked, thinking that I myself felt lighter, and I realized why - the sun was shining!

Grateful for the sunshine today.

What rays of sunshine did you experience today?



  1. Feel better, my dear. So sorry you're not feeling well. Sunshine? I went shopping today!

  2. I hope you do feel better. I'm still trying to find where you are located because yes, we here in the North East roll our eyes to everyone else complaining about the cold and snow.

    It is gray here too and very, very windy. (cold windy)