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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Hungry Dancer program...

... for some needed laughs.

I was in the middle of composing a rather impassioned diatribe about all of my woes and failures (i.e. the office candy jar) with this eating clean business, only to realize that my wacko hormones, with this cold/minor flu/mystery virus as wingman, have taken over my body, mind and soul. Let's just let those thoughts simmer and come back when all systems are back to normal, shall we?

In the meantime, please enjoy a few laugh-out-loud PMS memes.

Life is too short not to laugh at that which curses us ladies every month. Who's with me?!

Back to our regular Hungry Dancer programming next week...

Happy Tuesday!



  1. those are great! i can definitely relate! xoxo

  2. @Melissa, yes, they made me laugh so hard because they hit the nail on the head ;)

  3. Totally. AND I always gain weight, which is like salt in the wound. It's water weight. So it's more like salt water to the wound.

  4. LOL!! I hate my period. it literally ruins everything. every month. well, almost every month ;) Feel better.

  5. Hahaha! Absolutely love these - and they are all so true ... I read an interesting article on PMS (specifically rage) and apparently the reason women get ragey around that time of the month, especially with our Significant Other, is because - if a woman is pmsing, the man in her life has failed to fertilise her eggs, so she pushes him away with her rage and agression in order to open the door for another man to come and try his luck. Which, is also arguably, why women are most aroused around that time of the month ... there's something to mull over:)

    Hope you are feeling better**

  6. @Dancing Branflakes, I think I gain weight from the amount of sweets I consume. Oof.

    @Maegan, I know! Without fail, after each period, I wonder, who was that crazy person last week?!

    @Unpublished Life, hahaha, omg, I telling the husband that one!

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