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Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to it

"It" being the madness, that is.

School has finally reached full speed, humming along like a well-tended engine: papers, projects, choreography, etc. are all beckoning for my attention.

But the madness ain't so bad this semester... I've made concerted efforts to not get in over my head too much with commitments, and so far, so good. I think I will be able to give these papers, projects, choreography, etc. the attention they deserve... or avoid the last-minute freakout, anyway. Let's keep the cortisol and adrenaline at reasonable levels, shall we? No repeats of last semester, thankyouverymuch.

Rehearsals for my piece are on Monday nights. Tonight went great. I love teaching and leading a group - maybe there's a career in choreography for me down the road? I should wait and see how it's received first, though, before I make claims like that. It could be a total flop for all know... so far it's going well and people say they like it, but my internal critic is always skeptical of people's sincerity. Sometimes I wonder if they're just being polite.

Ah well, I'm not going to worry about it too much. I know I won't please everyone. That's just how it goes with art.

Back to "it" entails more than just the papers and projects and choreography, of course... Back to sore feet as they build their calluses back up. Back to sore muscles as they get stronger. Back to regular, raging hunger from all the calories burned. Back to running between work and school and work and the studio like a crazy person. Back to deadlines and auditions and rehearsals and performances. Back to productivity and working toward a goal and creating a career in the arts.

It's good to be back.

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