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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A little help, please!!

As you can tell, I've hit a little dry spell in blogging. Everyday I consider what I should post for the day, but none of it seems blog-worthy. I've been going through this for over a week now, and enough is enough. Maybe this is my own internal insecure editor, but it keeps the page blank nonetheless and I can't keep witholding blogs from my readers! {*dramatic sigh*}

(Sidenote: I think my creative well is running on empty overall, because I'm struggling with choreography as well. No bueno.)

SO!! I need your help...

Send me any questions, suggestions, or demands to help get my creative juices flowing again... Maybe send me a list of five random questions. Or, ask me a question that maybe came to mind when reading a past post. What would you, my faithful readers, like to know about??

The lines are now open!


  1. As you may have noticed, my blog-worthiness standards are really low, and I still have not been updating much lately. Maybe expand the topics you're going to write about. Random crap you see on the Internets, food you made / want to make, umm... other random stuff.

    I dunno, I would say you're doing pretty well with the whole blogging-ness. :o)

  2. OK, here are some interview questions - feel free to use them to turn into a blog!

    1.) If you were First Lady, how would you spend your day?

    2.) Which would you rather have - hands instead of feet or feet instead of hands?

    3.) What was the last book you read?

    4.) Winter or summer?

    5.) What does dancing mean to you?

  3. Matt & Baldy - thank you for your input and suggestions! I will get to composing the most amazing blog post you've ever read as soon as my crazy day comes to an end (which means it won't be until tomorrow, most likely). Cheers!

  4. Watch the weird people around you - bums and uptight people on sidewalks usually make great stories. Go to a laundromat and sit around. Or you could pull some fight club inspired shenanigans and just mess with people randomly. Could help with choreography, too!

    Good luck!

  5. or you could just be like me and post stupid videos. ;)

  6. Rachel Tamed - haha, your suggestions are funny... and I just might pull out some Fight Club shenanigans ;)

    Mel - I do that from time to time, but these days I'm wanting some posts of substance! lol

  7. I'd like to know what you think of gorillas.

  8. I find that the days I can't seem to write anything I'm actually focused on one major thing in my life and I can't get around it. That's when I get blocked. So, what's goin' on in your life that you most likely don't want to talk about but will have to just to move on creatively?

    or maybe you're just bored :)