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Friday, February 6, 2009

My first blog award!!

I was perusing the blog world late last night before collapsing into bed, and I almost fell out of my chair in shock at what I found: my fashionista blogging friend Maegan listed me and my blog as one of the recipients of the Proximidade award!!!

(Okay, I will admit that I don't completely know what this award means, so please forgive my ignorance, for I am still a baby blogger, and please enlighten me!)

A huge THANK YOU to M for this award!!! I often read blogs that receive various blogging awards, but I always figured that I'm a long way off from that considering I'm so new at all this blogging biz, and my blog is not exactly the most graphically exciting, *ahem*... so, M, you made my night/day, and THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

As is the protocol, as I understand it, I must now pass it on... but before I do, I should find out more about it so I pass it on appropriately... so school me all you veteran bloggers! :)

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