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Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm out of excuses... and I got nothin'.

I've been out of school for almost a week now, so I can't use that as an excuse as to why I'm not gracing the blogging pages with my profound ramblings... I don't really have too much left to do for Christmas - putting up my mini-tree took all of 1 hour last weekend, I don't mail out cards, I'm not baking this year and my shopping is almost done - so I can't blame Christmas, either... I guess I'm just uninspired to write. And that makes me sad.

"Uninspiration" seems to be the theme of my life over the past four months... some of you may recall my whining at the beginning of the semester about my struggling with ideas for choreography. And I never really mentioned this, but my spiral down the uninspiration drain continued steadily through the semester. The deeper I got the more frustrated I became, which just bred more uninspiration (I love that I'm repeatedly using a word that doesn't really exist!)... I finally finished my dance piece (which I have fun news about, btw!! more below...), but I just wasn't feeling the creative love in classes, with school projects (ooh, ooh, I have follow-up on my costume design project... more below...) and then eventually with my blog. UGH.

I'm still not sure the source of this creative apathy... I think about it a lot because I would love to purge myself or my life of it so I can get the show on the road with the writing and dance projects that are swirling around in my head... but seem stuck there in a nebulous, half-formed fog! But I'm not depressed about it or anything... I'm not wallowing in woe-is-me, self-pity about it all... it just nags at me like a mosquito that I haven't yet whacked. And good lord I'd love to whack that little beyotch...

SO! Fun news about my dance piece and the results of my costume design project... actually, I'm going to save it for tomorrow... mwah ha haaa!! Sorry... I luuuuurve being a little tease...

Toodles until then...

xoxo J


  1. I can't wait to see what your costume design looks like! I feel like dance costumes must be so fun to design. And I know what you mean about uninspiration. I went through a period of that and, strangely, blogging seems to have gotten me going again with my drawing (hopefully it will last!). Oh and I'm in Beaver Creek (finally!) right now. We spent some quality time in Denver after we missed our connecting flight to Vail and had to find alternate means of transportation. A character-building experience, I suppose...

  2. oh no you didn't just leave me hanging like that!!!

    can't wait to see what happened with your dance piece and better yet see what you wore. woop woop!

  3. Don't worry love, sometimes we go through moments like these - let them come and go bc they will def pass and better things will come for sure!

    And I NEED to see your costume!!!


  4. Uninspired moments happen to the best of us - do not let them get you down! They're only an indication that something fabulous is on the horizon!!

    And this costume that you speak so much of - show it to me!!

    By the way, thank you so much for finding me, and for your sweet comment yesterday - it completely made my day! I am now following you on Google Friend Connect!! :)

  5. ACK!! you have left us on the edge of our seats!!! we need to see it!!! NOW ;)