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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sugar and caffeine will see me through!

I made it to the weekend, woohoo! I had a lovely week of poor sleep, so I had a good time this week... schmeh. I hate it when I do this! Bad sleep means I'm anxious about something, but all week I couldn't figure out what I'm anxious about... the BF suggested "everything"... and maybe he's right. There isn't one big thing I'm anxious about, but I think I'm thinking of so many little things that are adding up to be like one big thing. And bam! I sleep like crap.

I woke up again in the middle of the night last night, but at least I was able to sleep in this morning, thanks to it being Saturday. I made myself french toast and it was nice to be able to relax and eat. Now I'm applying heat to my sore muscles as I type before I massage out the soreness... how nice to actually have time to do this! Ideally I would do this everyday, as suggested by dance books and articles I read in order to best take care of my dancer body, but seriously, when?? I'm readying this book called The Dancer's Way, and the end of this sentence made me laugh out loud when I read it: "Further ways to reduce stress include balanced meals, aerobic exercise, and sufficient sleep (ten hours per night is ideal)." Ten hours, huh?? Yeah, SO realistic, thanks. What normal person with work, school, rehearsals, and the thousand other things in life, sleeps ten hours a night?? Puh-lease! That's why sugary, caffeinated beverages were invented, mwah ha ha!! :) [O.M.G. I finally, after mentioning a trillion times here and on Twitter, got myself a caramel brulee latte from the 'Bucks yesterday... so deelish. Nectar-from-heaven deelish. I-want-another-one-today deelish... and tomorrow... and the next day...]

So! Despite my anxiety and crappy sleep, I'm ready to DANCE today! Oh yes... the senior dance concert opened last night. The show went well... dress rehearsal on Thursday night wasn't so great for me, but they say a bad rehearsal means a great show, and last night went much better than Thursday's dress. Hopefully it only gets better today! We have two shows, a matinee at 2 pm and the other at 8 pm. Matinees are not my favorite... typically the audience is meager, which makes the energy for us dancers lower. Generally matinees feel like more of a rehearsal than a performance for us. Nothing beats the energy of a night time performance!

But today will be great, nonetheless. The matinee will get us warmed up for tonight's show, and following tonight's show is a cast party hosted by one of the seniors/choreographers. I'm excited to do a li'l celebrating post-performance tonight!

Happy Saturday everyone!



  1. mmmmmm coffee always makes the day better! especially the sweet sugary caramelly hot types. we don't have a starbucks where I live, but caribou has real melted chocolate in their drinks now---truly A-MAZ-ING!

  2. I'll take 10 hrs of sleep, sure. Sounds like a magical place.

  3. I hope you killed it! The show that is. I just had skinny vanilla latte from the old 'bucks and I want morrrrrrrrrrrre!

  4. i'm sure you served everyone there! haha!

    i would really love to see a video of you performing. are you performances ever recorded?