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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sexy AND warm mission accomplished!

Can't write much - must start my party prep with a quick nap and the time is a-tickin'! - but must report on the NYE get-up...

As of this morning, I still had no idea what my NYE outfit was going to be... this was unacceptable. So, despite being hella tired from a late night out last night with my former roomie but forever partner in crime Nicodemus (not her real name, but my name for her... and a very long story as to why she has a dude's biblical name... mwah ha ha), I ventured out in search of something that would be comfy, warm and sexy all at once.

I tell you what, Ross Dress for Less never lets me down. NEVER. In a time and money pinch, I always find something. I usually find too much, actually, but that's besides the point.

Today Ross provided me with a cute jersey (comfy) boat neck sweater dress (warm). Oh, and it's a mini-dress, taking care of the sexy. And it was only $8!!! Fo' shizzle! Add to it some black tights, silver jewelry, my tall Italian black boots and some rockin' hair, and I'm good to go. Game on, New Year's Eve!

Okay, nap time... eeeeeeeh, I might be too excited to sleep!!...



  1. you are gonna look SMOKIN'!! ;) Happy New Year!!!! {I hope you got a tiny nap in}

  2. Happy New Year!!! :)
    Hope you got the perfect outfit for NYE! I spent it outside in the woods. Quite interesting. :D
    And couldn't agree more on Ross. :) Usually end up buying way too much! But it's so much fun! ;)

  3. Jesus is my home boy