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Friday, January 18, 2013

Ballet bun elegance

Last summer I chopped my hair to a chin-level bob. It was cute, easy for summer, and I liked it.

Fast forward to today. My hair is growing out and it's a little longer than my shoulders now. I'm well overdue for a haircut and I can't decide what to do. My husband loves short hair and that love is what gave me the moxie to chop my hair last summer. But I'm also really, really, really missing this...

My love of the ballet bun has nothing to do with the hair itself. Oh sure, you can twist and braid and  embellish to make your bun shine...

But what really elevates the elegance of a bun? The neck, collar bone and shoulders come center stage. Hello, femininity...

I can only hope to be so elegant someday (bonus points if you know who this is)

Yours truly (taken pre-smart phone, hence the, *ahem*, quality)

Oh, and do you know this blogger? She is the connoisseur of the bun and of classy elegance. Just beautiful. Stop by and pay her a visit - she and her blog are a treat!

What style makes you feel your most feminine and elegant? And gentleman, you can play along, too - what inspires your manly swag?

All but the last three photos compliments of Pinterest

Happy Weekend!



  1. Awww! Thanks love! And such a beautiful post!

  2. There is nothing more charming and elegant than a ballet bun {at least in my opinion} - I love these inspiring pictures. And the fact that you included one of my favorites...Tiffany!

    P.S. Hooray for meeting a fellow Uniform Mani lover...I was beginning to think I was a dying breed! :P