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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The 25 to Watch list is here!

The January issue of Dance Magazine is by far my favorite issue put out by the publication. All for it's annual "25 to Watch" list, featuring DM's top dancer picks for the year. And it's finally here! I'm always so eager to see who they picked each year. What an honor to be selected!

The list features single artists and dance companies, ballet and modern dancers, hoofers and street dancers alike. Last year was one of my favorite lists. One of the companies selected was the August Wilson Center Dance Ensemble, a company that resides right here in Pittsburgh!

When I learned I would be moving to the 'Burgh late last spring, I began checking out the August Wilson crew. I watched this video and checked every page of their site. I admit, I was crushin' pretty hard. I couldn't wait to see them live onstage when I arrived in August (irony?). I finally got my chance in November at the Black Dance Festival.

In the 2012 "25 to Watch" article, DM used descriptions like "supple muscles", "quicksilver agility, fierce athleticism" and "innate theatricality". An on point assessment, I discovered. You guys, they blew. my. mind. Their dancers are beautiful and strong. They move almost at the speed of light, never missing a beat. And they're pure poets in motion.

Dance Magazine, thank you for the awesome yearly list! I can't wait to check out this year's 25... And August Wilson dancers, thank you, you captivated me.

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Dancers, lovers and watchers of dance! Do you have a favorite company or solo artist that just gets under your skin, deep inside your soul? Tell me, tell me! If not, but you're intrigued, grab a copy of Dance Magazine or go visit them online to begin your favorite dancer/company search. I promise you won't be disappointed!



  1. I need to check this out. Looking for a company to join in DC and what a great resource.

    PS... all the peeps here are huge Steelers fans. Oh man...

  2. The peeps in DC?! Sacrilege! ;)

  3. How awesome that you're so close to one of the companies selected last year. That is amazing!! :)

  4. Sounds great.. just cant find the time to check out and enjoy something like that right now..