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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

T-minus 7 days

Work was BUSY today. Which was fantastic because it was over before I knew it. But it was one of those busy kinds of days that made my eyes burn from staring at hundreds of uber-detailed spreadsheets and my brain was the consistency of overcooked cauliflower. The only cure for cauliflower-mush brain is to get out my jujus and dance like a crazy woman... so I did.

I stopped at my apartment for a quick pre-workout snack of peanut butter and honey toast, changed clothes and made my way to the gym. Since its still winter break, the gym was not busy at all and the aerobics studio was wide open.

I warmed up with some ballet barre exercises. Holy crap, my ballet muscles are tight! And my feet are not pointing as strongly as they should be... *sigh* I guess I should have done more ballet-focused conditioning the last three weeks. It is so hard to motivate myself to do ballet outside of a required ballet class. Ugh. I don't hate ballet, but I don't passionately love it, either. Someday I'll write a post about my love-hate relationship with ballet...


I lightly stretched - its not a good idea to intensely stretch before a workout. Better to save that for the very end. I then popped in my iPod headphones and started dancing around the studio.

I was listening to the song I want to choreograph to for Studio Night, and I was jumping around all over the place with some West African-esque moves. I'm sure the people running by on the track were wondering what the heck was wrong with me - "why is that girl spazzing out all over the aerobics studio?" - but whatever. I got my juju's out and cauliflower-mush brain quickly dissipated. And the creative juices were flowing! This is a huge relief. I've been thinking about what I want to do for Studio Night for most of break, and I've been feeling antsy that I really need to get on the ball with choreography, but I've had zero creative inspiration. But ideas were coming to me as I spazzed out around the studio, so all will be well.

I then did my hip hop conditioning - a series of various push-ups and crunches - and finished with some good stretching. At least I've consistently stretched over break. I think I'm more flexible than I was even at the end of last semester! Take that, ballet.

I'll go back to the gym on Thursday for more ballet. And more spazzing out in the interest of my jujus. And (hopefully) coming up with more choreography. I need to get to work - t-minus 7 days!

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  1. those people who saw your spazing out are just jealous-- spazing out is fun!