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Saturday, January 10, 2009

This week in Better Late than Never-land

Aaaaaand, I'm back!

Sorry for no riveting, profound posts this past week. I thought of things I could write about here and there, but I felt nothing was really that interesting to my readers after all was said and done.

Speaking of readers, I know I only have a small handful, and most of them are real-life friends. Now, a big thank you to my real-life friends for reading my blog! But I want cyber-blogging readers, too... all bloggers do. That's why we blog! So, as I peruse the 'net on a daily basis, I notice the number of readers so many blogs have. "How do they score these readers??" I sigh to myself... and then one day this week, I'm checking things out, making sure all is well in bloggy-land, and there on my dashboard was "1 follower" in the upper right corner.

Could it be??

Yes!! I have my first official follower, That Baldy Fella! This is your shout-out, my bald blogging friend, for being the first brave soul to sign up to follow my rantings. Cheers!

And in other news...

I'm getting rather antsy for school to start back up. I got the break I needed, ate the holiday food I shouldn't have, but now its time to get back down to business. While it has been nice to work a few more hours to get a little caught up with bills and all, I've been reminded that I'm not cut out for sitting at a desk eight hours a day, five days a week. Most days, by about 1 or 2 in the afternoon, I'm ready to peace out. I'm checked out mentally, ready for a change of scenery, and ready to move around. I feel like my spine is kinds of compressed and kinked-up by 5 pm and I'm fidgeting like a three year old on a 6-hour flight. Ugh!

Do me a favor, dear readers... when I start complaining about how tired and sore I am, how frustrated I am with ballet, how busy and stressed and tired I am of running around between classes/work/rehearsals, wah, wah, wah... PLEASE remind me of my alternative: sitting at a desk job the rest of my life. I was on that road before I embarked on this dance adventure, and let's just say I was NOT a happy camper with my life. When I forget this, as I will, help me remember that the madness I experience each semester will more than pay off in the end!

Thank you :)

And that concludes our update. Until next time!

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  1. Hurrah! My own personal blog shout-out! I feel like I should have some sort of acceptance speech prepared...