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Friday, January 1, 2010

Short and sweet

My first blog post for 2010! And it's totally short and sweet, lol... I'm still in a fog from going to bed at 5 this morning, even though it's almost 3 pm. New Year's Eve was fun. It was chill, nothing crazy, which is different than how I usually ring in the new year, but different is good. Gotta change it up from time to time. Ate some amazing food, kissed my BF at midnight and enjoyed meeting some of his friends. A good li'l party. And I looked cute, mwah ha ha!

Working on the resolution list. Slowly. I'll get back with y'all on that one a bit later... after more coffee - much more coffee - and probably a nap... Can't wait to hear what your resolutions are, lovies!

Happy 2010!!



  1. glad to hear you had a great NYE...! nothing like being saved with coffee the next day :) anxious to see your post of resolutions!

  2. Looking cute on New Year's - even if you're staying in - is a must! So glad you had a fabulous time my love!! :)