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Friday, January 15, 2010

Didn't get a "yes"... but it's not a solid "no", either

Whoa. I'm not really sure what happened to this week, but I just realized I should probably fill you in on what my last, annoyingly ambiguous post was all about...

The ballet saga continues. For those who are new 'round here, let me quickly fill you in... ballet and I have a love-hate relationship, which I've recently come to realize is not really because of ballet itself, but because of my ballet classes at school. One aspect of this love-hate is the fact that I cannot seem to move up a level... now, on one hand, I haven't spent my life dancing ballet, so yes, I have lots to catch up on and learn. BUT. I don't suck so badly that I don't deserve to move up. It makes me crazy.

So my request on Tuesday (was it Tuesday? my week has been a huge blur, so much going on...) for your prayers, thoughts, crossed fingers and toes, etc. etc., had to do with my umpteenth request to the ballet professors to allow me to move up this semester.

The verdict: "we love your work ethic and passion, and we're very impressed with your progress... but we'd like to keep you in the same level because we are following a step-by-step syllabus and we feel it wouldn't be good for your technical training without preparing you properly... working hard can jump you ahead, of course, but the real issue is being exposed to the technical work..." [sigh]

That's the "no" half. Okay, I can't really disagree with this argument. It's logical and she's right. But what I struggle with, semester after semester, is that the class I'm stuck in gets to a certain point in the syllabus, but then starts completely over at the start of a new semester. Which is great for people taking the class for the first time, but for me, notsomuch. I get to the same place each semester, but no farther. I'm only learning so much!! Working on the basics over and over again is important, sure, but so is challenge... to grow and to prevent from plateauing!!

But the "no" isn't set in stone: "... I am always willing to be proven wrong... you may come try my class next week so I can make an assessment and then we can discuss it further..."

Well well! So, yes, I am disappointed and frustrated with the "no" part, but am happy she is giving me a chance to try to change her answer. It's better than a definite, solid no.

So thank you for your thoughts and doing your dances to the dance gods! It might not have been a yes, but it helped give me a little window of opportunity :)

I'm so glad it's Friday, y'all! Anyone else?? It was one of those weeks where I felt like it was Friday on Wednesday... and then again yesterday... no bueno! I have some dance to do, dance to see, help the BF move (another move, oy!) and a bunch of other things... happy weekend!!


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  1. Good luck bella! Hope you rock this lady's socks off.

  2. How aggravating! Honestly, I think that they need to give you a chance to prove yourself; to challenge your ability - they may be pleasantly surprised. Here's to hoping they change their mind!!

    Happy weekend my love!! :)

  3. -HI :) .. I'M not much of a dancer ... I have tw0 left feet actually... & well i can't tell you that i know what youre going through w/ballet-- but i sure know how it feels--to be SHY & sometimes NOT being able to keep with the rythm... LOL. i guess what im trying to say is that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT !!! -- & i know how classes can drive ALL OF US insane (been there done that) so just keep this in mind: WHAT DOESN'T KILL U.. ONLY MAKES YOU STRONGER... ---so be strong!!! work ur butt off & GO show THEM!!!

    good lUck!

  4. Heck yeah I'm glad it's Friday! And you go change her mind lady. You can do it!

  5. Ugh, how frustrating! Keep your head high and kick ass girly, it's all you can do. Good luck!

  6. I know how you feel (not with dance, but with situations like this). I really feel that you will get what you want at some point, and not to fret over this experience.

    It might not happen now, but it will for sure. And when it does - be ready, because it will be a WICKED RIDE BABY!


  7. Good luck girl! And i so hate when its only Wednesday and I think its Friday!!! Frustrating!

  8. Good luck on your dancing!!! Be sure to check my page out!

  9. that is so annoying and frustrating!!! ugghhh! but at least it's not a firm no.

    good luck changing their minds. YOU CAN DO IT!

  10. Awwwww....fingers are crossed. For sure!!!! And girl, I left something for ya on my blog. xoxo

  11. Bravo! I'm so glad that they're giving you a chance! That's encouraging! And I had no idea you hadn't been dancing your whole life - even more impressive.

  12. you go on and show them you are the greatest YES around ;)