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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So, my new digs are great... love living alone, love having a dishwasher, LOVE having a garage (no scraping ice in la manana, boo-ya!)... BUT. And there's always a big but getting all up in your business, isn't there?? I have no Internet.


I know! The travesty. No longer can I waste copious amounts of time dorking around on the interwebs as if I have nothing else to do when I get home at night, wake up in the morning, and every other second I can spare. It's amazing how addicted I am to the 'net... email, Twitter, Facebook, the blog, all your blogs, the weather, TV Shack, my bank account, Sephora, We Heart It... omg, the list is never-ending...!

It's good to be unplugged to some extent, I think... hot diggety, I'm actually reading! Who'da thunk it?! And I just might get to some projects I've been "meaning to get to" since the beginning of time. You know, the dance portfolio, the big scary filing project, writing...

It is rather annoying, though. And sometimes inconvenient. I'm looking into getting me plugged in, but then there's the concern of paying yet another monthly bill...

In other news... I started the spring semester today. Zero-to-sixty in true fashion, wheeeeeee! I already have 101 things to do by the end of the week, but I'm not freaking out about it. I'm really glad to be back... I miss being a busy bee, I miss dancing, I miss creating, I miss how my muscles feel (and look!!) when dancing many, many hours a day, I missed the camaraderie of all of us dancers... god, I really love what I'm doing...

AND!!! Tomorrow is the first day of my "trial" ballet classes... getting nervous!!


(P.S. I'm still working on my new blog feature, but being unplugged is slowing the process down quite a bit... never fear, though, it will happen soon!)


  1. Omg when I didnt have the internet I was going absolutely crazy!!! I wish I lived alone. Good luck with the spring semester & the ballet class!!! =)

  2. no internet?! AHHHH i think i would DIE...literally! i can't live without it.

    dave and i agreed a long time ago to have a no electronics, cell phone or PC weekend...uhh we have yet to do that. i doubt it will ever happen.

  3. Oh you know how I get when I don't have internet...CRAZY. But try to see the bright side...:) haha don't hate me.

    I'm emailing you back a novel. I hope that's ok. xoxo

  4. Ahhh, no internet is no fun! But it's good that you're reading and doing other things, I guess...right? :)

  5. Ooops shoulda read this post first. Is this a permanent situation? If so, don't stress. You can do it! Join the slow reader's book club!