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Sunday, April 5, 2009

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Student Dance Concert went great! I got very good feedback about my piece from family, friends, school peers and people I didn't know. People keep telling me it was an audience favorite! Wow, I'm very flattered. And excited!

I'm also getting feedback on the more profound side of things, too, which I'm eating up. I really appreciate people who engage themselves and let themselves really think and feel as they watch. One friend totally understood my message (see my previous post), which is always exciting for an artist. My hip hop teacher, who I gave props to in the program notes, told me that he really appreciated the dynamic qualities of the movement, the costumes and the story told through my choreography. He felt this was lacking in the majority of the other pieces as well as a lot of other pieces he's seen recently at other universities and dance concerts. Wow. Again, I'm completely flattered.

I'm sure there were people who didn't like it, as I can't please everyone. And that's okay. But I'm really hoping and crossing my fingers that the faculty are not included in this group, as tomorrow I will find out which student pieces they are choosing to include in the Spring Dance Concert in just a couple weeks. Having your piece selected is kind of a big deal, and great for the portfolio. [Keep your fingers crossed!!] Dare I say that I think I might actually have a decent shot at being one of the selected??? I hope the good feedback is reaching the faculty... I'm trying not to dwell on being picked, though, because its not a guarantee... but I really want to be picked!!

In the meantime, now that the concert is over and I can think about other things, I can return to all the things I ignored last week. I have my theater research design project due on Tuesday (my prof moved the due date from last Thursday to Tuesday - he's the man!). I have an audition tomorrow for which I need to prepare a short solo for (I'll fill you in on that later). And good lord my apartment is a mess! And I need to do laundry. And buy groceries.


Back to it!


  1. glad to hear the recital went so well! isn't that a great feeling.
    sounds like your busy-ness doesn't end there though, wow.

    I was a music major in college, and the arts programs keep you go, go GOING!

  2. omg I want to see it! you should video it and post it!!!!! ...I bet it's awesome! congrats!

  3. lol ....that comment above is actually from Maegan {at Maegan} but I'm logged in as my husband .....