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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love Notes

Dear Izze Beverages, Inc.,

Thank you for creating a delicious, refreshing grapefruit beverage. I crave them and am more than satisfied each time I pop open a bottle and taste the tangy goodness. Thank you for bottling and selling nectar from heaven.

A lifelong loyal customer,

Dear Sun,

Thank you for being so vibrant and prominent here in Colorado, showing your lovely face 300-plus days a year. Thank you for warming me up after a cold winter, both in my heart and on my skin. I look forward to spending many days together this spring and summer, as I traipse around in my hiking boots, dresses and my bikini (but not necessarily all at once).

With affection from a HUGE fan,

Dear Disney,

Thank you for making a movie showcasing the animals that share this planet with me and my species. When I first saw the preview last fall, I was incredibly excited and I am ecstatic that opening day for "Earth" is finally here!

Impatient to find time to go to the theatre,

Dear Earth,

Happy, happy day to you!! I appreciate the beauty that abounds in all of nature and I am grateful for the home you provide for all of us, human, animal and plant alike. I do apologize for the parasitic tendencies us humans have, and I'm even more sorry for the narrow-minded, self-centered, superiority-complexed people who take you for granted, thinking you will be around forever and forever. "Being Green" may be a trendy catch phrase today, but who cares?! That means more people are on board to do you good. Those of us who love and appreciate you dedicate this day to you!

Gratefully yours,


  1. Wow, Jessi, wow.

    That's all I've got to say. :o)

  2. I would really like to caution you - please let us know if any of those things respond to you by saying "your welcome" or anything else for that matter., anyway--- thanks for thanking those we would like to thank and don't because it would be kinda strange. thanks for strange..