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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I use Google mail, or "Gmail", for my email. It tries to be smart and post ads and links to sponsors' sites that relate to the topics you recently included in emails. I never pay attention to them, but tonight I happened to glance at one at the top of the screen after sending my BFF an email that was one big rant about something. And it totally cracked me up! It said, "Why so angry? Holding on to anger holds YOU back. will help you let it go."

Okay, thank you Gmail for looking out for my emotional well-being, and thank you for the spontaneous, random laugh. I needed that!


  1. That's still slightly creepy! "Hey, why not let me sell you something based on what you;re doing right now?" Think I'll stick with my crumbly old Yahoo account...

  2. hahaha! That is funny! It made me laugh out loud. :) Dani