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Monday, April 13, 2009

I get to wear a haz-mat suit

I made the piece! But I can't toot my horn too loudly - so did everyone else who auditioned. She was looking for 14 people and 17 auditioned, and she decided to use us all in the piece.

Haz-mat suit?

Yes. The piece we'll do is part of 3rd Law's repertory, called The Clean Room. Here's the scoop. [The pic on the main page is from the piece. For details on the piece, click "Works" at the top, then "The Clean Room" at the right. NOTE: those girls in the bottom pic are wearing tutus made of DVDs - isn't that sweet?!]

And while I'd love to fill you in on more details, I'm exhausted and hurting. My back needs a heating pad, my floor burns need bandaids, and I discovered a freshly-ripped-open blister on the bottom of my big toe in the shower that needs some TLC. So I will say adieu and goodnight... More news on the dance front tomorrow...


  1. Congrats! And careful with that blister- I walk 2 miles to and from work, so I'm all too familiar with the pain they can be ;-)

  2. um... thos haz suits get a bit hot after your in em for too long. Careful. Cool tho