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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter weekend of highs and lows

The blues started returning at the end of the week. They hit full throttle yesterday. I would say yesterday was a "mean reds" day (no idea what I'm referring to? check out this post). I spent the day crying off and on. I had terrible dreams last night, too, so I slept like total crap. Crying all day + sleeping like crap + forgetting to take my allergy meds = waking up this morning with very puffy, red, itchy eyes - again. I felt SO pretty today for Easter :( , ugh. They're a little better now, but I still look like I got into a brawl last night. LOVE my allergies.


I watched Independence Day on TV yesterday. Cheesy movie, maybe, but Will Smith makes me laugh. I get such a kick out of him. I got to see my mom and her signif other today. They went to church with me and then we visited over lunch at my apartment. I made quiche and Mom brought strawberries and kiwi. She also brought me dark chocolate. After Mom and K left I called my dad and BFF to wish them Happy Easter and catch up a bit. Hip hop was canceled today so I decided to fight back against the mean reds and get some things accomplished. Getting things accomplished always makes me feel better. I dusted and vacuumed - very overdue! - cleaned up the kitchen, seriously organized and cleaned my room, did a load of laundry, ran a couple errands, got rid of a few things... all this while rockin' out to my feel-better iTunes mix (one of the songs is below). Now I will sew my new ballet shoes, stretch and massage my leg/hip (still not 100% healed), keep eating the dark chocolate, and who-knows-what-else until bedtime. My roommate gets back tonight, too. It will be nice to have her here again. I've had enough quiet time.

[Oh and P.S., I did find out on Friday why my dance piece was not selected for the Spring Dance Concert. I'll write about that soon. And don't worry, its not the source of the mean reds...]

This is my theme song on those mean red days...

(Whoever made this vid cut part of the song, but you get the point.)

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