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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Check, check, CHECK!

Getting shiz crossed of my week's to-do list and taking names...

Tour dress rehearsal - CHECK
2 midterms - check and CHECK
Tour Company Office Manager duties - CHECK

Next up...
Choreo my solo & finish group choreo for tomorrow's faculty showing
Catch up with my Costume & Makeup homework (ugh, SO behind...)
And about a thousand other little things that would bore you to tears (if you're not already there...)

Halfway through the week - YES!

The fella and I decided to postpone our li'l weekend getaway 'til after the Student Dance Concert is over (which happens at the end of this month)... I'm pretty much bordering on the edge of crazy these days and will be 'til October 31 with all I need to do, so heading out of town has to wait. Pooh... but it will be all the sweeter after such a crazy month!

And totally unrelated... what the heck am I gonna be for Halloween?!?! This is IMPORTANT... No time (and very little money) to shop, so I'm going to do like the lovely Maegan and create my own... but what is the conundrum... ideas??

Happy Hump Day, y'all!
xoxo J


  1. oh my gosh i am brain farting on the halloween ideas...i mean i have a few but none that i love. and maegen's post totally kicked me into full on halloween once i figure out what i'm going to be, i'll send you some ideas.

  2. You should go as a frazzled dance choreographer -- the more frazz the better?


  3. Queen of the Nile lady. Be Cleopatra so I can live vicariously through you. : )

  4. lol! {thanks for the link}

    ...think about a celebrity or a movie character, then make them dead. voila! costume done! lol.