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Monday, October 5, 2009

"Manic" doesn't quite cut it...

My Mondays look something like this:

Class 9 - 1
Work 1-3:30
Tour rehearsal 4 - 7
My rehearsal 7-8
Senior concert rehearsal 8-10

Boy, I love Mondays. Every Monday, baby.

Add to the list for today:
Cross fingers that 1:00 appointment can be moved to next week, so I can...
Find a white-button Michael Jackson-style shirt for Tour rehearsal
Find T a vintage outfit for Tour rehearsal
Finish memorizing speeches for Tour rehearsal
Type up cast lists for Professor C-F for our Aspen tour
Meet with Professor C-F right before Tour rehearsal
Don't freak out about Tour rehearsal, as it is a dress rehearsal today and faculty and friends will be coming to watch...

Tour rules my life, yes??

Ready, set, GO!!!!!!!


  1. I think an MJ shirt is perfect for a dancer such as yourself :-)

  2. holy manic monday! you're not kidding.

    ps. i would love to see a video of one of your dance shows.

  3. Wow lady!! You're amazing!

    And heelllllll yes to being smitten! So glad you're happy!