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Monday, October 19, 2009

My premier world tour!!!

Haha, JUST kidding. SO not "world"... not even national or state-wide... we are just heading up to Aspen for the week. And by we I mean Tour Dance Company. It's our first trip of the semester. Even though it's not world-wide - someday, someday... - it's still pretty cool that I get to spend the week in Aspen. I'm nervous about things, of course... did I remember all my costumes? do I have enough warm clothes? did I remember mascara? (yes, I hope and yes)...

I'm stressin' about remembering all the choreo and not messing it up, of course - I have serious anxiety about upsetting our professor who leads Tour. No wait. My BIGGEST concern is doing this trust-fall-from-kinda-high-up move that we've never practiced with me (I'm understudy for it) - hella scary. But whaddya gonna do? Balls to the wall and go for it, that's what! Boo-ya!!

Okay, I have to finish last-minute packing and fractically re-checking my bags... I'll be MIA 'round these parts 'til Friday, so have a FAB week and I'll see ya when I get back!! (If I had been on top of it, I would've scheduled some guest-blogging, but I'm not on top of it... next tour! lol.)

xoxo J


  1. you will do amazing!! ...even if you forget to back something ;) "balls to the wall" LOL you are so awesome!! Have a great time! good luck, have a safe trip, and don't worry!! YOU'LL NAIL IT :)

  2. good luck jess and have fun! you already have the right attitude...balls to the wall! YEA! lol.

  3. Best of luck lady. Go kick some ass!

  4. OMG - so excited for YOU!!

    And you will be a star - not even a doubt in my mind darling - you will SHINE!


  5. When it is a World Tour, don't forget us London types...

  6. That's so cool though! Let me know if you have a show in DC!