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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'm heading out for my night o' Halloween festivities. I'm very excited to be going out and partyin' like it's 1999... after this month of craziness and stress, I need to let loose fo' sho'. Going to live it up with dancing, cocktails, friends and fun!

And what am I dressed as?? The SOLAR SYSTEM!! Teehee, I'm so tickled with this costume!! It's made of a navy blue tutu, with styrofoam planets attached to it, all which are painted and glittered. I have a tee with a sparkly sun painted on the front and a glittery moon painted on the back. It's made complete with black tights and silver ballet flats. I wish I could take cred for this genius costume, but it's a dance friend's... she offered it to me on Thursday when I was wondering what the heck I was going to go as. Too much fun!! I hope to get some pics this evening to share with you all.

Have a safe, fun and Happy Halloween everyone!!


  1. The solar system is such a creative idea. I want to try something artistic next year. Lately, I've just been throwing together whatever's already in my closet and resembles a costume.

  2. Where are the pics lady? That costumes sounds fabulous! Hope you had fun. : )