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Friday, October 9, 2009

I heart the weekend

Oh me oh my, the weekend is here at last!

On tap this weekend...

Sleeping IN. Hot diggety damn, I need some sleep.
Going to see a dance concert, which several friends will be in.
Wine. A margarita. Or three. Oh yes, Jessi needs a cocktail.
Some time with the fella.
Doing my nails. Dressing cute. Doing my hair... daily dance classes and rehearsals don't allow for looking cute. Like ever [*pouts*].

Fashion magazines... oh how I miss them.
Farmer's market. I need me some creamed honey and apples. I see a pie in my future.
Cooking. I miss cooking.

Wow, that's quite a list. It doesn't include my school to-do's... maybe I'm a bit optimistic in my weekend delirium, but whatevs. It's how I roll.

It's s'posed to snow tonight! Our first snow of the season was yesterday morning - so early for the season! - but nothing stuck to the ground. BUT, it's going to get cold tonight, so fingers crossed that when I wake up tomorrow and peek out the curtains, there's a dusting of white. I want to wear a cute sweater, my skinny jeans and fuzzy boots! I'm a warm-weather-sun-worshiper, but I do heart the snow. I can deal with the cold if, and only if, there's snow to accompany it.

And I'm loving the Halloween costume suggestions from everyone! The "frazzled dance choreographer" made me laugh - 'cause I am that frazzled choreographer, ha! And the lovely Kristin suggested one I've always wanted to do, like since high school y'all: Cleopatra. Fun!! Keep 'em comin', and hopefully by October 31 I'll have something figured out.

Happy weekend everyone!! Any fun plans on your agenda??


  1. Yayy I hope you get to wear your boots! Sleep in lots lady!!

  2. I am traveling to CO this weekend.. that will be ... not fun, but I am looking forward to the chance of snow. I miss snow... And dancing I hope to dance in Ft. Collins while I'm up.. that WILL be fun. - it does not look like anything is settling down for you.. but you seem to be taking it better.