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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Check it!!

Hey HEY! I'm tickled pink to announce that li'l ol' me got my first guest blogging post published today!!! Go check out the FAB-u-lush Midtown Girl (LUV this girl!) for her weekly "Single in my City" series. I was VERY flattered to be asked and had a lot of fun answering her questions all about dating life here in the FoCo... and yes, I know I'm technically not single anymore (don't worry babe, I mention that in the interview!), but I go out and about enough to be part of the FoCo's nightlife, AND people watching is one of my fave past times. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU again, Midtown Girl, for asking me to feature my city in your Single in the City series!!

And in other good news for the day... I just love synchronicity. Sometimes God just knows what I need. As usual, I'm sore, tired and my attitude towards some of my classes and professors isn't on par this week... so wouldn't you know it, instead of holding regular class, my modern dance professor decided to give us a yoga/stretch/massage day (er, he didn't give us massages... um, yeah, weird... he had us partner with each other and we're all chums in there... just clarifyin'...). And then at the end, he had us lay on the floor to completely relax in meditation - i.e. we all got mini-naps! It was deelish.

You know what else is deelish?? Two-shot soy caramel macchiato's... thank you, Starbucks. Yep, a li'l mid-week splurge for myself! And thank you baristas for not forgetting my two shots of espresso today... this happened last week, and lordy mama was not happy when she realized it halfway through. When I ask for two shots of espresso, there's a darn good reason yo!

(um, yes please?!?!)

Hope everyone's week is going well!

xoxo J


  1. congrats on your guest post. i will check it out right after this.

    coffee any day makes me one happy girl :)

  2. Good job on the guest post! I'll all about the pumpkin spice latte right now, mmm mmm good!

  3. I loved your guest post! I freaked out when I saw it was youuuu my luvah luvah!!!

    Umm, yeah 2 shots for a REASON. duh. I HATE when they forget!!!

  4. If only I drank coffee. I'd love it in an IV drip...

  5. Fabulush job on your SIMC guest post love!

    And - you can hit me up anytime you are in NYC doll ;-)


  6. So, I'm late to the game, as usual, but awesome that you got featured! Reading that was pretty much exactly like hearing you talk. Also entertained by my New Years pictures from, what, two years ago? :o)