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Friday, November 20, 2009

Turkey time!

Yes, I know it's early... but the apartment building I live in is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner tonight for all the residents. They do this every year and I love it. I live in international student housing, so many of the residents have never experienced Thanksgiving and it's quite fun to see what they all think.

Um, can I get a big WOOT, WOOT for the weekend?!?!? Ugh, whatta week. Nothing catastrophic happened, it was just long... I slept like CRAP all week, which just makes getting through everything miserable, and I was doing the its-almost-break-countdown, which just makes it all the longer. But now Thanksgiving Break has officially begun, yippeee!! Nine days off from classes!

After my turkey dinner tonight, I'm off to kick back with a marg or two with my school dance friends... the perfect way to kick off break, methinks!

Happy Friday everyone!!
xoxo J


  1. Hope you had a fabulous weekend lady! Happy break to you!

  2. I hope you had an AMAZING weekend!! :)

  3. hmmm ...i'm looking for your email address.... :-/ where or where could it be?