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Friday, November 13, 2009

No funky juju!

So, what does a girl do when she has nothing to write about, but feelin' the pressure to write since it's NaBloPoMo?? I didn't have anything to write about yesterday either, hence my absence from the blogosphere. I guess I could talk about something dance-related, since that is what this blog is about...

I had the Fall Concert dress rehearsal last night, which went waaaaay late. There were a handful of mini-dramas and everyone was grumpy in general... the faculty, the tech crew, us dancers... so that made for a long, awkward night. Ugh. I hope tonight has better juju. Funky juju isn't good for a performance... the audience can pick up on the funky energy and the show can fall flat. No funky juju allowed for tonight's show - or tomorrow night's, either! But they say that a not-so-hot rehearsal means the show will be great. Fingers crossed!

It's snowing again, so all I want to do is get cozy in my sweats, read a book and drink hot beverages. And cook and bake. I think the weather is supposed to be dreary and wet all weekend, though, so maybe I'll get a chance to do these things. Oh, but maybe not... I have my costume design final project that I must start working on... I have to find a pattern and fabric and then start sketching my templates... maybe I'll work on this while I watch the Broncos on Sunday. I also need to work. And I'd like to see the BF at some point. Oy vay. Anyone else think that weekends should be extended to three days???

What does everyone have on their weekend agendas??

Happy Friday!!
xoxo J


  1. I envy you so much for being a dancer. aww hope u have better juju tonight!!

  2. I would love a three day weekend. And I feel like it's almost a necessity to have a not-so-great rehearsal (for anything) to have a great performance. Makes you work harder, right?

  3. yes...weekends should totally be 3 days!! .....enjoy the snow, I think its so pretty when its falling....umm..but living in it is whole 'notha story ;)

  4. I hit the book and glass of wine and cuddled in blankets point on wednesday felt good!
    today off to shopping with a dear friend!
    Glad to hear things are going well and busy for you, I haven't been blogging as much but still enjoy reading everyone's!
    hope your weekend still turns out relaxing and good!