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Monday, November 9, 2009

Miss you

Dear Blog,

I miss you. I had various posts in mind each day all last week, including the Aspen Adventures update and Halloween pics that I've promised my lovely readers... but then life got in the way. Just when I thought life would calm the eff down a bit with Student Dance Concert being done, my piece had to go and get selected to for Fall Dance Concert (!!!) and calm eluded me once again. This week will be more hectic than last, with tech and dress rehearsals and all, but hells bells, I'm going to try! Don't give up on me, dear Blog...



  1. we are here! we are here!! dont you worry lady ;)

  2. That's the nice thing about blogs - they're non-judgmental and are pretty much always right where you left them.

    Blog readers on the other hand... ;)