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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I just can't, I just can't, I just can't control my feet...

I have this little problem. I'm a very impressionable person, particularly with music. I couldn't live without music. My parents, my brothers, my grandparents... we are all music people. My earliest memories include music in the forefront, including specific songs. Music is playing all the time... in my car, on my computer, at work, in my ears through the iPod... it moves me. Literally, of course, but it also compliments my life. I often think that my life has its own soundtrack, and sometimes I think about actually putting playlists together and saving them to disc (hmmm, future project??).

But I'm waxing poetic... back to my little problem... you see, the volume of a good tune is directly proportional to the likelihood that I'm going to jump outta my seat and bust a' move without even thinking. Not that getting down with my bad self is a bad thing, per se, but there are some places where exercising some restraint is recommended. Like at the office, for example.

[Haha, I just remembered something... once I was in the copy/mail room at work, waiting for a big copy job to finish, so I started rehearsing some steps instead of just standing there. Thinking I was alone, I really busted it out... right as my boss walked into the room behind me. He was quite amused... and I was rather embarrassed. Ahhh, good times at work...]

Anyhoo... I'm doing the 9-to-5 thing this week since I'm on break, and while I appreciate the opportunity to just sit and chill for a change, I need my tunes to get me through the day. This week I've been all about MJ, Janet and The Jackson 5, thanks to This Is It on Sunday. And I realized today that some songs are better played quietly in the office, if I want to avoid causing a scene.

Such as...?? Glad you asked! Here is an abridged sampling of Jackson songs that I have to handle with care, ranging from a slight tease to full on danger (but in no particular order)...

Blame it on the Boogie (I really can't control my feet...)

Billy Jean (oh, she caused a scene all right...)

Dancing Machine (she's super bad now... yes, yes she is...!)

Bad (if I had the time/money, I'd SO rock this shiz for Halloween next year...)

Nasty (Miss Jackson if ya nasty...)

Scream (this was on replay all day today... I'm not going to admit how many times I played it...)

This list is nowhere near complete... but you get the idea. And the majority of today's pop acts...? Please. The only AMA performances that did anything for me (read: made me jump off the couch and shake my money maker or gave me chills) were Janet's and Whitney's. You gotta bring more game than that, Gaga. Boo-ya! (Ooh, someone's got her sassy pants on tonight... nothin' but love, y'all!)

xoxo J


  1. Man, I miss Michael. I bet Janet REALLY does. I love the Blame it on the Boogie sweater vest, by the way. Adorable. Sigh.

  2. I didn't see what the gaga about Lady Gaga on the AMA's was all about either. Thank god I'm not alone!

    Scream is one of the best songs ever, and Janet is basically my idol. BADASS!!!

  3. god I love MJ. ...and any random remix of one of his songs. so good. I can't live without music either ...and yes, it always makes me wanna dance the night awaaayayay! lol

  4. I am also connected to music in the same way. I am fortunate to be able to listen to my mp3 player while at work... and, as with you I have sometimes slipped off to dance for a bit.. in the stock room or and unoccupied lab. My feet also.... out of my 'hands?' as they do what they want.. and need to too. - the Jacksons can make it happen as with so many others....