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Monday, November 23, 2009

Movie marathon weekend

My weekend can be summed up in one short word: L-A-Z-Y.

My movie-and-TV-show marathon on Saturday may or may not have been influenced by the margs and daiquiris consumed on Friday night (mwah-ha-ha!), but hot diggety I milked it for all it was worth... first up was catching up with the latest Grey's Anatomy episode, which I missed last week. Then all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies were on TV and kept me glued to the couch (hottie Johnny Depp makes me want to shiver his timbers... teehee!), and just when I thought I was O-D'ed on the flicks, I decided to seek out Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on the interwebs (thank you TV Shack!). I did get off the couch long enough to make food and take a shower... but all I did was put on clean sweats post-shower, ha!

Sunday I pared it down to two movies... I finally saw Michael Jackson's This is It. I love him. I don't care how wacko people think the late Jacko was, the man was an artistic genius. Watching him work in his element was SO. Effing. Inspiring! When I left the theater I wanted to head straight to the studio and start rehearsing and working on my own dancing... instead I did some costume design sketching like a good li'l student, *sigh*... Oh MJ, you are missed and loved!!

Then it was Quentin Tarantino time with the BF... Reservoir Dogs. Ugh, hated it. I'm sorry to any QT fans, but I'm not so convinced that he's some cinematic genius. Pulp Fiction was alright, and Kill Bill was okay, too, but I never leave his films feeling enlightened or anything. And the amount of blood makes me nauseous. I'm a Milk Dud girl at the movie theater, and Kill Bill made me want to toss my Duds right back up. I wish I hadn't watched Reservoir Dogs and just left my movie weekend on a good note with the King of Pop. Oh well, it was for the BF :)

I'm not a huge movie person... I like movies, but I don't watch them very often, so I'm impressed that I made it through so many in two days. I think I definitely hit my quote this weekend! And now back to normal life...

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  1. Pulp Fiction just alright??! Give it a second go. One of my favs ;)

    Nice blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

    P.S. Having a $100 giveaway on my blog for some lovely statement jewelry. :)