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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday notes

Ahhh, the week comes to a close.

The workday flew by, which always makes for a fabulous Friday. And I left at 4 o'clock, making it even better.

I felt better today... lighter, not so bogged down with all the crap that I'm carrying around on my heart and mind, but also more solid, like I had sure footing. I felt less shaky, I guess. Right before lunch during a conversation with a friend, though, I did start to lose my ground - the lump started rising in my throat and I felt close to tears - but my lunch break helped get me back on track.

I spent my lunch hour at the student health center, making an appointment with a counselor. I did the initial assessment, during which I answered a bunch of questions and filled out a bunch of paperwork. My first appointment is next week.

I drove back to work feeling better - it felt good taking that first step toward bringing the happy-go-lucky, excited-about-life Jessi back.

Now I'm home and ready to begin my weekend. I've been craving really good pizza, so I'm going to get myself a slice from Pulcinella's, a local pizzeria which I hear is fabulous and authentic. Then I'll settle in for an episode of What Not to Wear, a little DIY mani-pedi and maybe a glass of wine. Tomorrow I will get down to business!! (I'm trying to keep the I-left-my-schoolwork-til-the-last-minute-again panic at bay...!)

Happy weekend, everyone.

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