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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random thoughts, influenced by Aunt Flo

Well, two midterms down, two to go.

Ballet went fine, I think - in fact, Professor J complimented me for the second time (!!) this week on how well I'm doing in ballet. Yes, this is the professor I called the devil two weeks ago. I'm not sure what's going on, but she's been positive and encouraging lately. More on that in a future post. And the universe must have heard my pleas for mercy, because I didn't get hit with Aunt Flo symptoms until 4:00 this afternoon. That's totally out of the ordinary because I usually wake up with them.

[Side note to my male readers: sorry for all the Aunt Flo references, fellas. But it's a fact o' life and it really messes up my groove, so I must vent.]

The dance history midterm was fine, too. I think. But you know, the midterms are done and considering how totally crappy I feel right now, I don't care anymore. All I care about right now is ice cream, Girl Scout cookies and Nutty Bars, none of which I have in the apartment, but won't go out and get. I'm in my sweats, I feel the polar opposite of sexy, so I'm not going anywhere. Instead I will try to ignore my stupid hormonal cravings...

So to my random list I promised two nights ago...

But now I don't want to write about those things. At least not in detail. So I will compromise and do this news clip style... I need a massage, but don't want to spend the money, so I will settle for rolling around on my foam roller and tennis balls. Not as satisfying or relaxing, but effective enough. ** I keep getting emails from Travelocity about how cheap it would be for me to fly Boston right now, which is driving me NUTS because it's just a constant reminder of someone I miss who moved from Colorado to Beantown not too long ago. Please rub it in more, Travelocity, thanks. ** The weather has been insanely warm the last few days, causing me to shed winter layers and slowly expose my pale skin. Emphasis on the pale. I refuse to fake-bake, so it will remain pale until spring and summer provide outdoor activities that will allow me to get some color the natural way. In the meantime I get to glow white next to the gals who cook themselves in tanning beds. Self-tanning lotion only works so well, depending on how orange you want to look. ** I might have to start my daily Claritin D regimen much sooner than usual, again thanks to the warm temps and LACK OF SNOW this winter. But I'm not bitter. ** And last but not least, school... well, I already talked about the first round of midterms, so that's enough about that for now.

Wow, that's a rant-in-a-half. Sorry for the slightly sarcastic tone, ya'll. Aunt Flo does crazy things to a gal. And now I must return to the couch, dreaming of Girl Scout cookies and ice cream...

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  1. Ugh, I hate allergies. I had to start the Claratin D action this weekend. Waay to early! I feel you pain. Well, some of it, at least.