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Monday, March 2, 2009

A little teaser

I wanted to come home from rehearsal tonight and post an update of my life in college-dance-student-land, but as usual, I'm beat and can barely see straight. So a little teaser list of things I will post about tomorrow (this list has been in the works since last Wednesday, btw)...

[Warning! The list is rather random.]

Necessary for taking care of a dancer's body, but not utilized enough for several reasons.

Beantown keeps popping up to my attention left and right these days, and its driving me a little batty.

They're attacking early this year, thanks to the scant precipitation we've had this winter. Gee, thanks, Mother Nature.

Golden skin
I'm kinda jonesin' for a little color since the weather has been warm enough to wear tees and capris, but this is always challenging since A) I don't do tanning beds, and B) I have naturally fair skin.

Midterms and other dance biz
Lots to do this week and next... my rpm's are starting to spin at stressful levels!

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of for now in my tired state. And for those of you who gave me fabulous suggestions for future posts, never fear! I haven't forgotten and will get to those soon. (Hopefully this week.)

Stay tuned for further details on the aforementioned topics...

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