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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Men in tights, and other dance notes

Lots of dancing these days. Yes, I dance on a daily basis, but there are a few extras as of late...

Last Friday was all about the ballet. ABT II made a stop in Fort Collins and the company taught a master class at CSU during the day. In the evening they performed at the Lincoln Center. I was nervous for the class because, well, it's ABT II and these dancers are just one step away from dancing in the principal company, ABT. In a nutshell, the class was fun, ass-kicking, and completely humbling. It was a reminder of how much more I need to learn, how much harder I should and can work, and how little I should eat. KIDDING on that last one. But seriously, those girls were rails. It blew my mind! I'm thin and I know that I don't need to be losing any weight, but those girls made me feel bad about myself and I questioned everything I was about to eat the rest of that day. I thought I was immune to that kind of thinking, as I have a very healthy appetite and am not ashamed of it nor do I ever deny it, but apparently being around almost inhuman ballerinas can mess with my head, too. Geez louis.

[Note: I have since stopped feeling guilty about eating, and have resumed my regular every-three-hour meal schedule.]

And what about men in tights? WELL. The men in the company were unreal. Their legs and bums were strong, toned and simply delicious. Let's just say that several of us gals were perfectly content to sit on the sides while the men leaped and jumped and turned across the floor in their tights, amazing muscles bulging. Mm-hmm.

So that was my Friday. Good times.

Switching gears from ballet to hip hop... tonight was hip hop rehearsal, and the crew is getting ready for a show which will be this next weekend. The routine gives me a good whoopin', but I love it. I do a little capoeira and the rest is b-girlin'. Now, a disclaimer must be inserted here: I very much consider myself a b-girl-in-training. I don't have the skills yet to rightfully label myself a bonafide b-girl. I still have so much to learn. And maybe I'll always consider myself a b-girl-in-training, but that's a-okay. I'm also nervous for our show, as there will be other hip hop crews there, most of whom are very experienced and the hip hop culture is a tough crowd. The crew I dance with will be the youngest as far as experience goes... BUT, that said, I'm totally excited and I think we'll hold our own. M.o.Funk represent!

Last but not least, I have my modern midterm tomorrow morning. I'm feeling good about it, so no worries there.

Well, that's all the dance news for now. Stay tuned for more up-to-the-minute updates...

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