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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Notes from my snow day

I spent the entire day at home today since the blizzard shut down all operations. Work, classes, appointments, rehearsals - all were canceled. I got my snow day!

Driving to class this morning was scary. The wind was blowing so hard it was pushing my car and causing it to slide around more than it already does... compact car + worn tires = a slip 'n slide driving experience anytime the roads are even remotely wet - good times. Not only that, but the snow was coming down so hard and blowing so much that there was little to no visibility for a good stretch of my drive. I couldn't even see the hood of my own car at times! If another car had veered into my lane, I would never have seen it coming. I was a tad freaked out when I got to class.

Class was short and sweet. He gave all of us who did make it to class extra credit, which he'll add to our exams. I was right - no photography class outside today. He told us to do it over the weekend and bring it next week. Then he sent us home.

The drive home wasn't any better. The visibility was better, but the roads were worse. I couldn't stop at one point and slid into a curb. Again. Second time this winter. I'm sure my alignment is even more jacked up now, which really upsets me. I was pretty ticked off and said several expletives when I rammed into the curb. When I finally made it home, after a split-second of getting stuck while driving into the parking lot, I decided I was not driving anywhere else. Period. Forget going to work and the store. I emailed work and said I just couldn't make it. No one else did, either.

I still wanted to go to the store, though. I really wanted tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. No way was I going to drive, of course, so I thought I'd walk. But that didn't happen. I assessed the weather, assessed the 'fridge and cupboard situation, and then decided I would just be creative with what I do have. Its not like I'm going to be stuck for three or four days - knock on wood!

I spent the rest of the day doing laundry, dorking around on the Internet and working on my theater research project. It was nice to get some things done... and now I don't have to cram so much into my weekend!

The weather did screw up some of our TV channels, much to my and my roommate's dismay. No Channel 7 means no Grey's Anatomy. We're bummed.

I guess I'll go make another cup of tea and figure out what to do until bedtime. We'll see about another snow day tomorrow...


  1. And we've been complaining about our weather - wet and windy!

  2. "Tomato Soup and Toast" <--- here you are. (thats not really soup and toast, just the words Tomato Soup and Toast, sorry.) (I would bring you some if i could tho.)