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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Today was a lazy Sunday. I decided after a busy (and emotional) week of school, work, and the hip hop performances, I deserved a day off. Completely off from schedules and running around. My roommate left yesterday to go home for a few days, so I have the apartment to myself. Anything I did today I did as it came to me. My day's activities included:

A nap
Taking out the trash and recycling
Talking on the phone
A trip to the grocery store
Washing dishes
Cooking dinner
Watching TV
Reading my April issue of Glamour

[I realize that washing dishes, a grocery trip and cooking dinner is technically work, but these are things I struggle to squeeze into my normal schedule... and I miss cooking!!]

It was a good way to kick of my Spring Break week. Not that I have the week off completely... I will still go to work and I have several school projects to do... but a break from the regular schedule is much appreciated to rest and recharge. I wouldn't allow even a smidgen of guilt about lounging around most the day to seep in!

[I even have a massage scheduled for tomorrow.]

Happy Lazy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. reminds me of the SNL digital sketch "Lazy Sunday" Have a great week ...and massage!!!! I want one!