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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy [belated] Birthday!

Today my blog is one year old! Well, one year and one week old, technically. I'm not sure how I spaced it, but last Saturday was the actual 1-year birthday of my blog. I somehow had it solidified in my mind that it was today, and all week I've been thinking ahead to what I would write about. I had it in my calendar for the right day, but I still had my heart set on today. Oh well, no matter.

So! It has been a year since I joined the blog ranks! My original intention to starting this blog was to chronicle my adventures in dance, for fear that my experiences would get lost in the abyss of my mind, eventually to be forgotten (see above paragraph for how easy this can happen to me) unless I wrote it down.

It was a slow start... I didn't post too frequently at first, being rigid in thinking that every single post must be about dance since that is the foundational theme of my blog... but then I came to my senses and realized that since it's my blog and there really are no rules around here, I can write about whatever the heck moves me. So now I throw in the occasional non-dance related post for some flava... and I like my blog better for it.

I just read my first post, and it made me smile. Here it is:
Hi. I'm finally joining the masses of bloggers in cyber-journal space.

I'm here to write about my adventures in my pursuit of a career in dance, however that may evolve.

Some people think I'm nuts to start this endeavor so late in life. They're counting in dance years, mind you, not normal human years. Dance years are kinda like doggie years. I'm 29 years old, which in dance years means I should soon be sunsetting my dance career. But oh no, not me. I'm just beginning!

I've never been very good at accepting "no" when I really want something. And, baby, I want this.

So, Happy [belated] Birthday, Better Late Than Never! Here's to another year of all kinds of adventures and mishaps and shenanigans, recorded in the annals of Blogland forever!


  1. Happy Birthday Blog!! :0)

    <3, Iva

  2. thanks for your comment! the first quote is from anne bronte's book "Agnes Grey." I think her other novel is considered "better" but this one was still really good.

    congrats on keeping a blog a whole year!! its great to have to read back on old memories forgotten.

    have a great sunday! have you got that mocha yet?!