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Thursday, June 11, 2009

SYTYCD Thursday Results Show

WHEW! All five of "my" couples were safe tonight!!! Vitolio, whom I was nervous about and kind of had a feeling would be in the bottom three to "dance for his life", pulled through. Okay Vitolio, you gotta bring it next week with the personality that we all know is in there, no screwing around. Again, whew!

Tony and Paris, the couple who did the not-so-great hip hop last night, were eliminated. I was sad for them, as I always am for the eliminatees, but not that surprised. I didn't think Paris' dance-for-her-life solo was that hot, so I just had a feeling the judges would say goodbye. I thought it was a fair toss-up between the two boys, Jonathan and Tony, though... Jonathan's latin number was fun in spots, but not caliente enough I didn't think... Tony did a locking routine for his solo, which wasn't too bad actually. In fact, I thought he did a decent job (I disagree with Nigel's comment that he didn't lock that well, but since Nigel's getting paid the big bucks and I'm just a b-girl-in-training, what he says goes, lol). Decent isn't good enough in this competition, though, so the judges will have Jonathan stay and say goodbye to Tony.

So, goodbye to Tony and Paris, and best of luck... don't let this keep you from both pursuing your dreams in dance! Like Cat said, it's just the beginning. And really, it is - I mean, how many people can cay they danced in the SYTYCD Top 20??

And now I must wait an entire week until the Top 18 strut their stuff on stage... SIGH...

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  1. LOL I love how you write about SYTYCD. I love that show. But unfortunately I haven't had the time to watch. So I'll just get the reviews from your blog :)

    PS - I tagged you on my blog!