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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm all shook up

Well, I was quite excited for tonight's SYTYCD Top 16 Review. I had notes that I scribbled during the show to make sure I remembered my thoughts during each performance and the judges' responses. I had to go deposit a little money that my mom sent me (thanks Mom, you're the BEST!), so I couldn't sit down right after the show, but I started "writing" in my head what I would write for you all when I returned.

But then I had a jolting experience on my way to the bank that changed my plans a bit.

I had just left the apartment. My building is only a couple blocks west of CSU's main campus and I was on the stretch of road that goes toward campus. Along the way there are a bunch of small restaurants, bagel shops, bars, coffee shops, churches and other small businesses. It's perfect for this part of town, which is very student-heavy.

I was just coming out of the slight s-curve of the road when I heard someone in the distance behind me gun their engine. I rolled my eyes thinking someone was showing off. I didn't see the vehicle at first, but when I looked again in my rear view mirror I suddenly saw the headlights of some truck approaching me rather quickly. Too quickly for the 30 mph that is the speed limit on that street.

The truck started going through the s-curve and I suddenly had a very bad feeling. I said "God, please don't let him hit me!" and gripped my steering wheel tightly. I heard the tires skid before I saw it in my mirror. The truck was getting very close to me at this point and I began to get worried. My initial reaction was to slam on the brakes, but in the next nano-second my thought was "oh my god, get the hell away from him NOW", so I downshifted my little Civic and gunned it. My four little cylinders put the needed distance between me and the crazy truck to get me out of the way.

As I pulled ahead, I saw the truck fishtailing back and forth violently, and then it lost control, spinning and crashing up onto the sidewalk before it stopped. I thought it hit the Catholic church sign, but maybe it was just the bushes in front of the sign that stopped it's momentum. I started slowing down, wondering if I should stop and call the police. People sitting outside on the patio at the bar next to the church came running to see what happened and probably to see if the two guys were okay. And then the asshole put his truck in reverse, pulled away from the curb and sped away. The people standing around stared in shock. I did, too, from my rear view vantage point.

I pulled up to the red light and sat there trying to process what just happened. Then it dawned on me that I could have been hit by that guy! Had I not sped away from him, or if I had left my apartment building just 10 seconds later, I might have been hit. When I realized this I began to shake. And then I began to cry. I have never, ever felt that much adrenaline. Ever. It made me sick to my stomach.

I know I'm fine and maybe it doesn't seem that dramatic as you read this. Maybe it sounds silly, but I have never been so aware of and grateful for my life and well-being. The whole thing probably happened in a matter of seconds from start to finish, but it was enough to shake me up and make me feel very, very fragile.

I don't know if drinking was involved or if it was just an overdose of big-truck-induced machismo. This area is very pedestrian and bike-heavy, and if someone had been walking on the sidewalk right there or biking on that part of the road, I have no doubt that they would have been killed. AND, not only did the driver gun the engine to purposely drive way too fast through that curve, but then he ran off at the end of it all. I hope to God that someone at that bar got the truck's license plate number.

So, I'm sorry to postpone my review, but I just don't have it in me anymore. I'm sporting a killer post-adrenaline headache and I'm exhausted. I think it's time for some ibuprofen and [hopefully] some sleep. Dammit, today was such a good day, too...

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