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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to Chicago! Part 1

I'm here!!

Saturday's packing and errand adventure was... well, an adventure. Despite my list, packing for a month was still the longest process of my life, ugh. Errands took longer than I expected, and I had to run out more than once because I kept forgetting things. I was wiped by evening, so at that point I stopped caring and just threw stuff in the suitcase. If I forgot something imnportant, I can get it in Chicago. They do have stores, after all.

I barely slept Saturday night, thanks to a combination of nerves and coming down with a cold. Of course I get sick the night before my month-long live-and-dance-in-Chicago adventure... why not a week earlier? Because that would be convenient. But thankfully the cold has been mild and despite still being stuffed up, I'm feeling better.

The flight to Chicago went relatively smoothly... I got to sit next to a couple who were fighting. Talk about awkward. After a nap for the two of them, though, they suddenly got lovey dovey and apologized with kisses and cuddles. More awkward. It was windy coming into Chicago, so there was some fun turbulence which made my stomach do flip flops. And good grief, they don't call it the windy city for nothing - I've given up on doing much of anything with my hair because it just gets blown around. I'm sportin' ponytails or the wavy beachy look if I leave it down, which works out perfectly because my hair dryer crapped out on me right before leaving, so I don't have one with me. The wind is doing a good job standing in for a hair dryer, lol!

When my friend D picked me up from Midway and we hopped onto the El to make our way to his apartment, he informed me that I arrived in Chicago during Gay Pride weekend. That explained the hoards of people getting on and off the train with rainbow everything from clothing to accessories to crazy costumes. I totally wanted to check it out, so that was the plan after dumping my luggage off at his place and eating lunch. And so we did...

That was my welcome to Chicago! Luv it!!

My first day of dance adventures will be coming soon in Part 2...

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