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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life: 10, Jessi: 0

Yesterday was finally a good day. I woke up feeling good after finally getting some sleep, I was productive at work, I started kicking into high gear for my trip and generally things started looking up. I thought my week was finally turning a corner and the little cartoon cloud hanging above my head was dissipating. Then last night's adventure (see my last post) knocked me right back down. Okay, okay, shake it off... sleep on it and pick back up in the morning. Oh no. Then I have the morning from hell, involving a curt email, a missing camera, frantic search for said camera, no time for a shower, a lame attempt at making myself presentable for public [fail], no breakfast, no coffee, no time to pack lunch, and getting to work VERY late.

I came this close to calling in sick at work. But then I remembered that today is my last day this week because I'm taking tomorrow off for Chicago trip-prep so I don't leave it all for Saturday. [Exasperated *SIGH*.]

At one point in the middle of the morning scramble, my eyes started welling up with hot tears of absolute frustration. Then I started the weird hybrid cry-laugh that happens when you don't know which to do, so you do both. At this point everything is starting to be funny. I mean, you've got to be effing kidding me - one thing after another, really? Obviously life has it in for me this week and I'm not really sure what to do anymore other than laugh and let myself get smacked around. What are a few more upper cuts and right hooks, right?

My post this morning was supposed to be my SYTYCD review... it is on it's way, I promise...

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  1. You only have a few days left before your trip to Chicago, I hope it is everything you wish for it to be. Good luck, Hang in there. Don't get too down - know that EVERYONE has times like that. Lots of people care about you. Lots of people like you. You are an amazing person and an amazing dancer. I hope you are encouraged by that.