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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Top 18 SYTYCD Review, Part Un

Thanks to three different "Emergency Broadcast System" interruptions during the show, there were a couple routines I didn't get to see. (I know they serve a good purpose, such as warning me that a tornado is heading my way, and I know the weather is out of the TV stations' control, but my blood boiled just a little each time the picture flipped from dancers to a storm warning screen... c'mon now, this is the highlight of my week, *SIGH*...) So, this review is going to have to be done in two parts. When I watch the missed routines tomorrow on YouTube, I will add Part Deux.

I'm exhausted, so this review may be a little rough around the edges. Bear with me...

Evan and Randi did a fun little Jive number. I caught myself shaking my hips and wiggling to the beat while they danced. The judges told Evan his kicks needed to be a little snappier and his triple steps a little less jazzy, but overall I thought they did a great job and the routine was fun. Dancing is supposed to be fun!

Melissa and Ade... the judges' reviews were good, but I missed their routine, thanks to the thunderstorm warnings. To be continued tomorrow.

Jason and Caitlin danced a hip hop routine which was okay. I think Jason did better than Caitlin - she was a little too soft, or reserved, or something. I wasn't totally sold on it.

Brandon and Janette's disco routine was fabulous! And another fun one. It was SO fast, but they pulled it off. There's no way that was easy, so huge kudos to them!

Vitolio and Asuka... They did a Waltz, and to be honest, I was nervous about it. During the interview segment before performing the routine, when they talked about the week's learning process with the new choreography and we see clips of the process, it hit me why I was nervous for these two. Or, nervous for Vitolio, as I'm indifferent to Asuka. I think it's her. I'm not sure if they're the best match and I feel like she's the weak link in the partnership. If a couple's connection is off even in the slightest, it can affect each person's dancing and performance. But they surprised me! The choreographer created a story that really tapped into Vitolio's personal story so he could bring honest, raw emotion to the stage. Achieving such a task asked by a choreographer can easily go either way; it's such a fine line to walk... But he did it! I got choked up and teary-eyed, surprising myself! Mary cried, too, when she gave them feedback. It was simple but powerful.

Max and Kayla did a contemporary (I think?) piece and it was okay. The judges raved, but I wasn't that impressed. Not because their technique wasn't good - Kayla is AMAZING - but by the piece overall. It just didn't move me.

Jonathan and Karla also danced a contemporary piece, and it was very well done. I think Jonathan redeemed last week's flat solo performance and did exceptionally well in a style that he's not familiar with. Karla was beautiful in this piece.

Philip and Jeanine danced a tango, and it was... well, it was alright. Nothing to write home about.

Last was Kupono and Ashley... but I didn't get to see them because of a storm warning interruption. To be continued for them, too.

That's all for tonight, folks. I bid you adieu and guten nacht!


  1. Maybe I am just a snob when it comes to swing. But whenever any form of if shows up on this type of show... I usually end up saying... "ick.." but alas if they had fun. That is pretty important. But - I guess the dance I am used to lends itself to a more free and spontaneous nature, and suffers when it is choreographed too much.

    - those kicks could have been way LESS snappy in my opinion.. I would have left them out.. and the jazz hands, they make me really uncomfortable.


  2. Anonymous - true, but the style of swing you're thinking of is social, and the nature of this show is choreography, so it can't really be avoided.

  3. I think it would be amazing to see REAL swing in this type of show. I am sure it would blow everyone away. I simply think that it is a shame that what you see on TV, mostly this type of swing or dance is the only thing most americans get to equate with the various dances. (not the real deal) Lame...

    What is the state of social dance today. Is there a real "current" social style or dance or couples dance that even comes close to the classics. I think swing is the most current in history. Wouldn't' it be great to invent a style/dance that incorporates all that is amazing about swing and other social dances. A style that accommodates current pop music, hip hop -( well anything current that you can dance to) but, a couples dance that actually has form (not just bump and grind, two individuals dancing separately) Maybe there is such and thing and I am just to old to know about it. But - if I could devote the amount of my life to dance that I would like. That is what I would be up to. What do you think?

    Oh, and I think that just because you choreograph something does not mean it has to get all "jazz handy"

    Sorry, just a ranting really---